Web Therapy (2011): Season 1


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1 Jul 19

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Fiona Wallice develops a new brand of therapy for the Internet, called Web Therapy. To generate interest, she contacts an old employer with whom she’s had a dicey past an…

2 Jul 26

Desperate Measures

Fiona hopes to exploit the sexual issues of her client Jerome to impress her former employer and potential investor. Meanwhile, frustrations in her marriage lead her to flirt w…

3 Aug 02

Shrink Rap

After her business proposal is rejected by her mother, Fiona encounters another obstacle: Ted Mitchell, who’s been hired the Lachman Brothers to evaluate Fiona’s ab…

4 Aug 09

Public Relations

After Fiona blackmails her new client Claire to provide her expert promotional skills to web therapy, fate hands her a client who represents a perfect public relations opportun…

5 Aug 16

Shrinking & Growing

Business is booming for reasons unconnected with Fiona’s expertise, but she’s not complaining – until she gets a new client who has a personal connection with…

6 Aug 23

We've Got a Secret

Fiona’s marriage crumbles when she discovers her husband’s hidden life; and her mother’s secret past threatens Fiona’s business plan…

7 Aug 30


Fiona gets her house in order by hiring a new employee, and joining forces with her husband to expose the imposter in the family nest.

8 Sep 06

Psychic Analysis

Fiona gets a new client: an Internet psychic who last lost her powers. Can Fiona find them?

9 Sep 13

Whistle While You Work

Fiona’s principal investor, Robert Lachman, is out of business — yet Fiona still manages to make him pay…

10 Sep 20

Strange Bedfellows

Fiona hits it off professionally and personally with a new client — media mogul Austen Clarke — until her marriage to Kip suddenly becomes much more attractive.

About Web Therapy (2011)

“Web Therapy” stars Emmy Award-winning actress Lisa Kudrow as “Dr. Fiona Wallice,” a self-professed psychotherapist who treats patients via webcam in weekly, three-minute sessions – a modality she believes more effective than the traditional 50-minute talk-a-thons heralded by other mental health professionals. However, she spends more time feigning boredom, interrupting and giving meaningless personal data than hearing her patient’s issues. Her “patients” including Jane Lynch (“Glee”), Courteney Cox (“Cougar Town”), Rashida Jones (“Parks and Recreation”), and, veteran star Bob Balaban (“For Your Consideration”), among others, are given a script framework, but ad-lib their performances with riotous results. (Source: Showtime)