Welcome to the Family: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Oct 03


Dan and Caroline are happily anticipating an empty nest as their daughter, Molly, gets ready for college, but everything changes when Molly reveals she is pregnant; Caroline an…

2 Oct 10

Dan Finds Out

Things get awkward when Caroline runs into Molly and Junior in the doctor’s office waiting room; Dan goes to Miguel’s boxing gym to get in shape.

3 Oct 17

The Big RV Adventure

Dan buys an RV in the hope of having more family time; Miguel and Lisette discover Demetrio’s teacher is Miguel’s ex; Molly looks to her mother for relationship adv…


Molly and Junior Find a Place

Feeling overcrowded at both the Yoder and Hernandez homes, Molly and Junior decide to get their own place; Caroline and Dan adjust to the idea of a new baby.



Caroline struggles to conceal her pregnancy while trying to land a promotion; Molly and Junior go to a Halloween costume party.

About Welcome to the Family

Parents Dan Yoder and wife Karina find out their daughter Molly is pregnant on the same day that she is graduating from high school with an acceptance to college. Across town in East L.A., Junior Hernandez, in the middle of his high school valedictorian speech, gets a text from girlfriend Molly that he’s going to be a daddy. Expectedly, Junior’s parents Miguel and Lisette are also upset, as they now have Caucasians in the family. What follows is a crash course in culture blending as Molly and Junior decide they want to get married, thus bringing together two very different families. The dads have the most difficult time reconciling while the moms take a softer approach. When the parents realize their kids are serious about making a life together, they begin to come to terms with this new blended family and understand it will take humor, love and tolerance to make it all work.