What I Like About You: Season 1


# Air Date Title
0 Nov 30

The Not-So Super Dooper

Summary not available. Script written for episode, rehearsals had taken place, and the episode was just axed. Initially scheduled for season 1, to air in October/November 2002.…

1 Sep 20


When her father accepts a promotion overseas in Japan , high-spirited 16-year-old Holly has no plans to head to Japan with him. She decides she’d rather live in the New Y…

2 Sep 27

Spa Day

Holly and Val plan a day of at the spa, but Holly finds herself in a ‘muddy’ situation when she sneaks out of the spa without Val’s knowledge in order to meet…

3 Oct 04


Val has trouble adjusting to Holly’s care-free attitude, so she makes her follow a strict set of rules. Holly does her best to follow them, and realizes that she just can…

4 Oct 11

The Teddy Bear

Holly and Val battle over the possession of a stuffed teddy bear they both cherished during their childhood. But when the struggle for the bear becomes too much, the girls agre…

5 Oct 18

Cool Older Sister

Val tries to ease up on being an authority figure to Holly, but her patience is pushed to the limit when Holly and Gary take off for a wild party on Long Island without letting…

6 Nov 01

The Parrot Trap

Holly becomes smitten with a young man, Kyle, who is leading a protest movement to allow the zoo’s performing parrot to retire, but things fly out of control when Kyle is…

7 Nov 08


Gary feels left out when an old female friend comes to visit Holly, but Holly gets a surprise when she catches the pair making out. Meanwhile, Jeff is bummed when he discovers…

8 Nov 15

Copy That

Holly lands a job at a copy shop where she thinks her new co-worker, Jake, is interested in her, but when she takes Jeff’s advice on how to handle the situation, she beco…

9 Nov 22


Determined to start their own Thanksgiving tradition, Val and Holly cancel plans with their relatives, claiming that Holly is sick. However, the girls’ happy day goes awr…

10 Jan 10

The Party

Holly has a major crush on a cute college guy named Evan and he’s been coming in everyday at “Copy That” to get some coffee but Holly gets a chance to actuall…

11 Jan 17

The Other Woman

Holly becomes pals with Jeff’s ex-girlfriend, Dana when they both go to a U2 concert with Jeff, even though Val warned Jeff and Holly not to go with Dana, and Jeff never…

12 Jan 24

Girls Night Out

While Jeff is out of town, Holly takes Val out on the town, but the female bonding stops when Hunter, a guy Holly has her eye on, makes a pass at Val. Things get worse when Hun…

13 Jan 31

The Cheerleading Incident

Jeff suggests that Val should be more spontaneous and impulsive, but his advice backfires when Val who is dressed like a sexy cheerleader, is caught by Jeff’s mom who has…

14 Feb 07

The Game

Holly volunteers to fill in at Val’s office over spring break, but the girls clash over the tactics Val should use to land a promotion over a competitive colleague; Holly…

15 Feb 14

Valentine's Day

On the most romantic day of the year, Holly jumps to the conclusion that Jeff is planning to propose to Val and Gary lands a date with a great girl, but the Valentine’s D…

16 Feb 21

Holly's First Job

When Holly sets her sites on buying an expensive sweater, Jeff agrees to hire Holly as a waitress but ultimately regrets his decision when Holly turns the restaurant upside dow…

17 Feb 28

The Breakup

Valerie breaks up with Jeff after he says he doesn’t want to get married, and she tries to bury her pain under a veneer of optimism. Holly then tries to get her sister to…

18 Mar 07

Dude, Where's Val's Car?

Holly ditches school with Henry and borrows Val’s car, but is shocked when she returns from the beach, to find the car gone! She tries to cover it up and act like it is g…

19 Apr 04

Loose Lips

Upon learning that Val has a reputation for being antisocial at work, Holly encourages her sister to mingle with her colleagues. However, an evening out becomes fodder for offi…

20 Apr 25

The Fix-Up

When Holly meets Henry’s older brother, Noah, she instantly assumes that he and Val would be a great couple. Despite Henry’s asking of Holly not to fix them up, Hol…

21 May 02

Tyler v. World

Val and Holly meet a resident who would’ve got their apartment 5 years ago, but got a smaller one. So she threatens to evict them. Meanwhile, Gary thinks Holly forgot her…

22 May 09

The Talk

In the first season finale, Val gets home from work only to find Holly and Henry in Holly’s room—-with the door closed! Val worries that Holly and Henry have slept…

About What I Like About You

When their dad took a job in Japan, teenage livewire Holly Tyler (Bynes) and her straitlaced twentysomething sister, Valerie (Garth), moved in together in New York City. Just when Val thought she had the perfect existence – a promising career in public relations, her own Upper West Side apartment and plenty of eligible men to date – everything in her neatly regimented life started to unravel the minute Holly stumbled through the door. Their new life together took a lot of getting used to, but Val and Holly’s relationship is stronger than ever.