Who's the Boss?: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 20


Single dad Tony Micelli and his street smart young daughter Samantha decide to leave the mean streets of their poor neighbourhood for a chance at a better life in Connecticut.…

2 Sep 27

Briefless Encounter

Part of settling into his new home has Tony using Angela’s personal bathroom and getting an eyeful when she steps out of the tub. Neither of the two stubborn housemates…

3 Oct 23

Angela's First Fight

During a trip to Tony’s old neighbourhood to find runaway Samantha, Angela must stand up for Tony who is criticized for being a housekeeper. After proclaiming that fight…

4 Oct 30

Mona Gets Pinned

Mona meets Jason, the man of her dreams, but she’s old enough to be his mother! After much hiding the truth comes out and Angela, who previously stated that age had no p…

5 Nov 13

A Rash Decision

Tony visits Angela at the filming of a soap commercial, and ends up the star of the ad. Soon after, Tony develops an itchy rash that turns out to have been caused by the soap.…

6 Nov 20

Dinner For Two

Tony is greatly anticipating his dinner date with a girl in Brooklyn, just as Angela is preparing for a business dinner for two with a client. When Angela’s guest cancels…

7 Nov 27

Sorority Sister

Angela’s sorotory sister from college comes around and takes an interest in Tony.

8 Dec 04

Truth in Dating

At the market, Tony picks up a woman who believes that he is the owner of Angela’s house and Jaguar. Meanwhile, Angela accepts a date with a man who believes that she is…

9 Dec 11

Sports Buddies

Angela becomes involved with a gentleman who is quite the sports fanatic. He becomes more interested in hanging out with Tony and talking sports than in spending time with Ange…

10 Dec 18


Tony is moonlighting to raise extra money, which Mona believes is to take care of a secret girlfriend in Brooklyn. Soon the truth comes out: Tony is still paying rent on his re…

11 Jan 08

Samantha's Growing Up

Forced to confront the fact that Samantha is not a little girl any more, Tony buys her her first brassiere. When it turns out not to be the kind she wanted, Tony enlists Angela…

12 Jan 15

Paint Your Wagon

It’s time to paint the Jaguar, and Angela wants the new color to be sandalwood. Tony overrides her decision and has it painted diablo red. When Angela discovers this, she…

13 Jan 22

Protecting the President

During a company party at Angela’s house, Tony throws out one of her vice-presidents for saying unprofessional things about her.

14 Jan 29

Guess Who's Coming Forever?

Mona has been evicted from her apartment and begins looking for a new home. She takes Tony’s suggestion to convert the loft above Angela’s garage into an apartment.…

15 Feb 05

Angela's Ex (1)

Angela’s ex-husband, Michael, visits so that they can sign the final divorce papers. Instead, they find themselves back together again. With Michael back in the house, th…

16 Feb 12

Angela's Ex (2)

While Tony and Samantha live it up at the lavish estate of Tony’s new boss, a wealthy older woman, Michael and Angela enjoy their reunion. But the celebration is short-li…

17 Feb 19

Eye on Angela

A local news reporter, Bobbi Barnes, wants to do a story on the daily life of Angela. But when a series of innocent mix-ups leads Tony and Angela to wake up in the same bed, Bo…

18 Feb 26

Double Date

Samantha is looking forward to the upcoming school dance, but Tony spoils her evening by constantly taking pictures of her and her date, working at the dance as a chaperone, an…

19 Mar 05

Tony's Father-in-Law

Nick, Tony’s father-in-law, visits. He cannot bring himself to tell everyone that he will soon be imprisoned, so he instead claims that he is dying, then milks the sympat…

20 Mar 12

Just Like Tony

Stories of Tony’s rebellious youth are rubbing off on Jonathan, particularly when Jonathan brings home a hubcap stolen from a police car. Angela then decrees that from no…

21 Apr 09

Keeping Up With Marci

Tony fears he can’t afford the ski club Samantha wants to join with her friends, but he lets her sign up anyway. When his attempt to economize by cleaning Angela’s…

22 Apr 16

First Kiss

Angela comes home from a rowdy birthday party, just as Tony returns home from a police-sponsored demonstration of the effects of alcohol on the mind. Both are in a woozy state,…

About Who's the Boss?

Tony is a funny and loveable father and man, with good-looking Italian looks, who tries to be the best possible for his daughter and everybody else…. Angela is a successful and upper-class businesswoman, who tries to be there for her son Jonathan, whenever possible; and who has a hot temper…. Samantha is Tony’s wise-cracking street-smart daughter, who has a tendancy to get into hot water…. Jonathan, is Angela’s adorable and smart son, who is wise beyond his years…. And Mona, is Angela’s man-hungry mother, who will do anything for a night out with a man.