Who's the Boss?: Season 5


# Air Date Title
1 Oct 18

Sam's Car

Young Samantha has reached a teenage milestone – she has her driver’s license! But in upscale Connecticut she feels left out when Bonnie gets a brand new car but T…

2 Oct 25

My Fair Tony

In an effort to better himself, Tony heads off to college. The public speaking class is headed up by a strict grammer enthusiast who singles Tony out as an impossible case. I…

3 Nov 01

Nineteen Again

Tony has been invited to a frat party and Angela accompanies him. But there Angela drinks a little too much of the (with alcohol mixed) bowle and ‘entertains’ those…

4 Nov 22

Yankee Doodle Micelli

Tony feels guilty when he remembers he got his grandfather in trouble when he was a child, causing him to never take the American citizen swearing in, so Tony does the swearing…

5 Nov 29

A Jack Story

Angela engages a new employee. Because in the evening the both work together more and more often and longer, Tony fears the worst:he gets jealous.

6 Dec 06

Double Dump

Samantha and Mona both break up with their boyfriends on the same night, so they go out to eat at a restaurant to clear their minds, which troubles Tony.

7 Dec 13

Life With Father

Samantha wants to go to Vermont ski lodge for the weekend, but Tony forbids her. Sam goes anyway. Along the way, she remembers everything her father did, even the embarassing m…

8 Dec 20

A Sprited Christmas

The wife of Mona’s brother has died. But to go to heaven she must make Mona reconcile with her brother. Tony is picked out as the mediator.

9 Jan 03

Teacher's Pet

Mason should run a seminar at the college, which also Tony attends. Because Mason is quite nervous Tony and Angela give him some hints: among these is also the tip that he shou…

10 Jan 10

Mrs. Rossini's Uncle

Mrs. Rossini visits Tony. Accompanying her is her young uncle Al.Al is attending the nearby Beauty College and Tony should take care of him. In the course of this Sam and Al co…

11 Jan 29

Your Grandmother's a Bimbo

Mona has saved the order for Angela and designs now the new get-up for the magazine ‘Mature Woman’. Jonathan runs for treasurer in his school. For the magazine̵…

12 Jan 31


Again Sam comes home with an expensive T-shirt. This time Tony wants to show her that she can have them cheaper and produces some of them himself. Angela and Sam persuade him s…

13 Feb 07

Cardinal Sin

Tony goes to an ‘Old Timer’-meeting of the Cards in St. Louis,accompanied by Angela. There Tony meets also his old friend Betty.But to prevent approaching attempts…

14 Feb 14

Winter Break

Tony and Sam spend a weekend together skiing in Vermont. There Tony meets Lisa, his skiing instructor. But Sam isn’t happy about her father’s fling. Inbetween ̵…

15 Feb 21

First Date

Discouraged that Angela had to pay for an escort for a dinner event, Mona convinces Tony to ask her out on a date. The date hardly seems like a first for them, though, as they…

16 Feb 28

Party Double

Angela gets invited to a dinner at which Frank Sinatra is to perform; Tony, a huge Sinatra fan, is to be her guest. When business affairs leave her unable to go, Mona goes in h…

17 Mar 07

Boozin' Buddies

Samantha gets drunk one night, and when she sees Tony drinking the next day, she calls him a hypocrite because he told her drinking was wrong.

18 Mar 21

Heather Can Wait

The Bowers get new neighbors: the Harpers. But they are a little bit too snooty and an big argument between Tony/Angela and the Harpers comes up. But Jonathan and Heather, the…

19 Mar 28

Living Dolls

Sam visits a beauty school run by Angela’s friend. While there, she meets Charlie, a friend of hers from the old neighborhood, who is living there. Charlie is unhappy wit…

20 Apr 04

Men are People, Too

Angela hires a shy contractor to put a skylight in the kitchen. He takes an immediate liking to Mona, who agrees to go out with him. When he learns that he is not the only man…

21 Apr 11

Working Girls

At a practical program, where students are assigned different jobs, for Sam and Bonnie there are only two left: domestic engineer with Tony or advertising with Angela. Sam dec…

22 Apr 25

Tony Does Golf

Tony has a new passion: golfing. Angela wins a country club membership for Tony. There Tony meets the owner of the biggest nationwide sport articles store who currently gives a…

23 May 02

Ode to Angela

Angela married Brian 20 years ago. As this was just meant as a college joke, Brian drove down to Mexico the following day to annul this marriage. But now when Brian wanted t…

24 May 09

In Sam We Trust

Sam’s friend Scott gets nervous about French finals, so on test day, Sam gives Scott the answers. When Tony finds out, he takes Sam’s car privileges. But when Sam h…

25 May 16

It's Somebody's Birthday

Tony gets a new car as birthday present. First his pride forbids to accept it but after some encouragement he, however, decides to keep the car. But selling his Van brings up m…

About Who's the Boss?

Tony is a funny and loveable father and man, with good-looking Italian looks, who tries to be the best possible for his daughter and everybody else…. Angela is a successful and upper-class businesswoman, who tries to be there for her son Jonathan, whenever possible; and who has a hot temper…. Samantha is Tony’s wise-cracking street-smart daughter, who has a tendancy to get into hot water…. Jonathan, is Angela’s adorable and smart son, who is wise beyond his years…. And Mona, is Angela’s man-hungry mother, who will do anything for a night out with a man.