Who's the Boss?: Season 6


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 19

In Search of Tony

Holidays on Jamaica. And everyone enjoys the life there.Angela, too, dives right into the holiday-action and has a lot of fun. As it’s not Tony, with whom she has that fu…

2 Sep 26

Life's a Ditch

Charlie, Sam’s female friend from Brooklyn, visits while Angela is preparing for a dog food commercial. Charlie talks Sam into ditching school for the day and going to th…

3 Oct 03

In Your Dreams

Tony and Angela are apartment-sitting for Mrs. Rossini. After meeting two couples Tony used to be friends with, Angela dreams that she and Tony are married, living in Brooklyn,…

4 Oct 10

Sam's Novel Romance

Sam joins a book discussion group when she develops a crush on the instructor, a young college professor, unaware that he is married.

5 Oct 24

Tony and the Professor

On the spur of the moment, Tony accepts a date with a woman he meets at a bar. Having second thoughts, he cancels the date the next day, only to learn later that the woman is t…

6 Oct 31

Mother and Child Disunion

Angela has reached the goal of her dreams when Braden, a V.I.P. in the advertising branch, offers her the merger. Suffering from this is Mona who gets fired by Angela. After…

7 Nov 07

Sam Can Manage

Al has founded a rock band and Sam becomes, as she has some quite good ideas, the group’s manager. But she has problems getting gigs because everyone just sees the ‘…

8 Nov 14

Supermom Burnout

Angela brings the family to a psychiatrist for counseling when she thinks Sam and Jonathan’s fighting is getting to be too much. The psychiatrist reassures the family tha…

9 Nov 21

Sex, Lies and Exercise Tape

Angela joins a health club, where she quickly makes friends with a group of three women. After they meet Tony, Angela tells them they are a couple. Tony learns of Angela’…

10 Nov 28

To Tony, With Love

To fill out his semester class schedule, Tony takes an independent study course, expecting it to be an easy A, and that he won’t have to do any work. The course puts him…

11 Dec 05

The World According to Jonathan

Some bad experiences at school, including being assigned to play the accordion, have Jonathan’s self-esteem at rock bottom. Tony helps him overcome his depression by intr…

12 Dec 12

Gambling Jag

To put up Mona after she has been stood up by a man, Tony and Angela decide going to Atlantic City. There Mona first gamble away Angela’s diamond necklace and then the ca…

13 Jan 02

Sam Accelerates

Due to good scholastic work Sam is admitted to a special program which allows her to skip her last year in High School and go directly to college. But she fears that Tony then…

14 Jan 09

Tony Kills

When the neighbor Fred picks up Tony to go playing tennis, he makes up to Angela and Tony gets angry. During the tennis match Fred suffers a heart attack and dies. Now Tony bla…

15 Jan 16

Dear Landlord

Angela buys, due to tax reasons, a house in the neighborhood and Tony helps her shaping it up. A lodger already seems to be found but when Angela returns from a business trip s…

16 Jan 23

Mona & Walter & Sam & Eric

Sam and her boyfriend Eric want to attend a concert. But Eric usually spends the evenings with his (widowed) grandfather. So Tony gets an idea: Mona should instead spend the ev…

17 Jan 30

Micelli's Marauders

Angela persuades Tony to train her volleyball team. Doing this Tony takes care more about the other, poorer team members and when the important game is due, Angela quits the te…

18 Feb 06

Her Father's Daughter

Sam and Bonnie take part in a school trip to Fort Lauderdale. And the supervisor is: Tony. Mona and Sam are able to persuade Angela to go with them to look after Tony. In Flori…

19 Feb 13

Take Me Back to the Ballgame

A client of Angela’s, a baseball player, upsets Tony when he demonstrates that he is only in baseball for the money and the fame. Tony wonders whatever happened to pride…

20 Feb 20

I Dream of Genealogy

After researching her family tree, Sam discovers that her great-grandfather, assumed to be deceased, is still alive in Italy. He is flown to Connecticut to meet the family. Ton…

21 Feb 27

Couple Trouble

Tony and Angela make friends with another couple at the country club. The couple is about to become engaged, but their relationship with Tony and Angela may pose a problem.

22 Mar 13

Operation Mona

After a fire at Mona’s apartment which hospitalizes her, Angela’s attempts to find her a new place to live are met with hostility.

23 Mar 27

Road Scholar

Sam has her heart set on attending Tate College, but Tony insists she keep an open mind, so the two take a road trip to visit some schools. Sam eventually gets a letter from Ta…

24 Apr 10

Beautician Heal Thyself

Al has graduated beauty school, and Tony helps him set up his own salon in Brooklyn. Al’s behavior to the customers upsets them, and when Tony explains that Al will never…

25 May 01

Sit Down and Be Counted

A census taker visits Tony and Angela, just as they are hoping to leave for the movies. Using flashbacks from previous episodes, Mona gives the man a brief run-down of the hist…

26 May 08

The All-Nighter

Tony must move with his studying group from the living room into a motel room. After an evening full of studying the others go home leaving Tony and Kathleen back alone. The bo…

About Who's the Boss?

Tony is a funny and loveable father and man, with good-looking Italian looks, who tries to be the best possible for his daughter and everybody else…. Angela is a successful and upper-class businesswoman, who tries to be there for her son Jonathan, whenever possible; and who has a hot temper…. Samantha is Tony’s wise-cracking street-smart daughter, who has a tendancy to get into hot water…. Jonathan, is Angela’s adorable and smart son, who is wise beyond his years…. And Mona, is Angela’s man-hungry mother, who will do anything for a night out with a man.