Xena: Warrior Princess: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 04

Sins of the Past

Xena battles an evil warlord, a vengeful Cyclops and harsh weather during her journey home to Amphipolis, where she’s joined by a young woman named Gabrielle, who’s…

2 Sep 11

Chariots of War

Xena defends a town against a band of thugs led by a father and son duo, and when she is wounded, Gabrielle is left worrying for the warrior princess.

3 Sep 18


When Gabrielle is kidnapped by a mystic, Xena enters an altered state of consciousness and must face ghosts from her past in order to rescue her friend.

4 Oct 02

Cradle of Hope

Xena employs stealthy maneuvers to protect an infant who an oracle claims will one day usurp the King’s throne. Meanwhile, Xena must also make sure that Pandora, the gran…

5 Oct 09

The Path Not Taken

In order to stop a war Xena must save a princess that has been taken from her home. The kidnapping could lead to a war. Xena realizes that a weapons dealer is the one that has…

6 Oct 16

The Reckoning

Xena is mistaken for the killer who attacked and murdered a gropu of townspeople and is put on trial, causing Ares, the god of war to be delighted at the success of his plan.

7 Oct 30

The Titans

Gabrielle fools around with an ancient scroll and releases three Titans from centuries of captivity. Once again, Xena must save a village from destruction. Gabrielle also finds…

8 Nov 06


When the gods capture Prometheus, mankind begins to lose the gifts he gave them: fire and the ability to heal themselves. It’s up to Xena, Gabrielle, Hercules and Iolaus…

9 Nov 27

Death in Chains

Xena must free Hade’s sister, Celesta, Death Herself, from King Sisyphus who wants to cheat death by holding her hostage, thus prolonging his life.

10 Dec 04

Hooves & Harlots

When Xena and Gabrielle encounter the Amazons, Gabrielle tries to save an Amazon and unwittingly finds herself an Amazon princess.

11 Jan 08

The Black Wolf

Xena infiltrates a band of rebels led by the Black Wolf and helps them defend themselves against Xerxes the warlord.

12 Jan 15

Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts

Helen of Troy summons Xena and asks her to help end the war between the Greeks and the Trojans, that began over her.

13 Jan 22

Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards

Gabrielle wants to enter the Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards, but finds that it is not quite what she thought it would be. She helps another aspiring bard discover…

14 Jan 29

A Fistful of Dinars

Xena searches for Ambrosia, a substance capable of turning someone into a god. She hopes to find it before someone who is unworthy to be a god does.

15 Feb 05

Warrior... Princess

The daughter of King Lias, Diana, is the target of assassins. Fortunately, Xena looks almost exactly like her. So, Xena goes undercover to force the assassins out of hiding and…

16 Feb 12

Mortal Beloved

When her dead love Marcus, asks Xena to help save good souls, she travels to the underworld to set things right.

17 Feb 19

The Royal Couple of Thieves

Xena enlists the help of Autolycus, the King of Thieves, in order to steal a treasure chest from a warlord and return it to its rightful owners – unless Autolycus has som…

18 Mar 04

The Prodigal

After freezing in the face of danger, a confused Gabrielle returns home to Potidaea, where she receives a not-so-warm welcome from the people, who have hired a so-called warrio…

19 Apr 22

Altared States

A young boy is hunted by his father and brother. They want to sacrifice him to their god, because their “faith” demands it. It’s up to Xena and a drugged Gabr…

20 Apr 29

Ties That Bind

As the god of war, Ares, schemes to make Xena lead his army, the warrior princess meets a man claiming to be her long-lost father.

21 May 06

The Greater Good

Xena helps Salmoneus, aka Lord Seltzer, when a warlord wants him dead, due to a bad transaction. Meanwhile, a mysterious blond woman is stalking Xena.

22 May 13


The female warrior Callisto, tries to turn the world against Xena by committing acts of terrorism in her name, while Xena struggles to reclaim her true identity and discover wh…

23 Jun 03

Death Mask

After learning a raiding party’s leader was responsible for the destruction in their village, Xena and her brother set out to destroy him.

24 Jul 29

Is There A Doctor in the House?

Xena attempts to stop a war between two brothers, while Gabrielle tends to a pregnant Amazon sister, who is carrying the child of a centaur.

About Xena: Warrior Princess

Xena, the warrior princess is bent on overcoming her dark and hateful past. She must save innocents to redeem herself, in the eyes of the world and to herself. She is aided along the way by best friend Gabrielle, a struggling bard who later turns warrior herself. Xena: Warrior Princess was a sometimes serious, often campy and an occasionally emotional rollercoaster ride of an action series.