Yes, Dear: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Oct 02


Kim drives Greg up the wall when she worries that Sam isn’t walking yet. Jimmy advises Greg that he should let Kim have the day off if he wants her to lighten up. So Greg…

2 Oct 09

Weaning Isn't Everything

Greg, Kim, Jimmy and Christine are horrified to see a mother nursing her walking, talking toddler at the park. Greg wonders what’s the proper cutoff age for breast-feedin…

3 Oct 16

The Good Couple

Jimmy sees Sam playing with an elderly couple’s kid at the park, and warns Greg that parents don’t pick their own friends, their kids pick them. Following JimmyR…

4 Oct 23

You Wanna?

Kim confides to Christine that she and Greg haven’t been having as much sex as they were before they had Sam. Greg gets two tickets to a Lakers game and invites Jimmy. Wh…

5 Oct 30


Kim’s and Christine’s father, Don Ludke, comes for a surprise visit. Greg feels left out as Don has never liked him — and still doesn’t. When Greg’…

6 Nov 06

Greg's Big Day

Greg’s big day is his birthday. Kim wants to take him and the kids to Disneyland, but Jimmy talks Greg into going out and partying like he did when he was single. Greg be…

7 Nov 13

Look Who's Not Talking

Kim invites Christine along to a ““Mommy and Me”“ group. The activities are so tiring for Christine that she tells Kim she won’t attend them again…

8 Nov 20

Jimmy Gets a Job

When Greg and Kim learn that Jimmy and Christine aren’t throwing a birthday party for Dominic, they plan one themselves. Jimmy intends to start looking for a job to pay G…

9 Nov 27


Christine and Don convince Kim to sell her sleeve guards, which she’s dubbed ““arm-prins,”“ at a craft fair, while Jimmy convinces Christine to br…

10 Dec 04

Talk Time

After Greg and Kim drive a set of friends away with their dull parenting stories, Kim fears they’ve become a boring couple. To try to make things interesting again, she s…

11 Dec 18

All I Want for Christmas Is My Dead Uncle's Cash (a.k.a. Silent Night, Holy Crap)

Jimmy finds out that his mean Uncle Elton died and left him $5000. Jimmy takes half of it and tells Greg and Kim he’ll be paying them back the money he owed them to get s…

12 Jan 08

Where There's a Will, There's a Waiver

The Warners’ ongoing feud with a crazy neighbor, Walt, escalates after Walt demands Greg cut down a supposedly unsafe tree on his property. Greg solves the problem by cal…

13 Jan 29

Jimmy's Jimmy

Jimmy’s best friend, Billy, comes to Los Angeles in hopes of becoming a star. But since Jimmy doesn’t have a place of his own for Billy, he instead asks Greg to let…

14 Feb 05

Kiss and Yell

While sharing stories about the first time they met, Christine learns that Kim kissed Jimmy while he and Christine were going out. As a result, Christine refuses to sleep with…

15 Feb 12

The Big Snip

Relieved to find out she isn’t pregnant again as she had feared, Christine tries to tighten down on birth control by asking Jimmy to get a vasectomy. Jimmy initially refu…

16 Feb 19

Moon over Kindergarten

Dominic’s kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Joseph, calls in Jimmy and Christine for a parent/teacher conference because he’s been acting up in school. When they get there…

17 Feb 26

Doctor, Doctor

Greg and Kim aren’t happy to hear that Sam’s pediatrician has retired early and sold his practice — and his patients — to a physician they’ve neve…

18 Mar 12

Greg: Don't Leave Home Without Him

Christine and Kim plan a trip to their parents’ house. Jimmy agrees to go to please his wife, but Greg doesn’t care to go that far to please Kim, and weasels his wa…

19 Mar 19

The Daddies Group

Kim drags Greg along to church against his will. The church’s minister, Reverend Green, introduces Greg to Bill, who runs a daddies group where all the church daddies get…

20 Apr 09

Mr. Fix It

Christine plans to get out of jury duty by using her kids as an excuse, until Kim’s speech about giving back to the country guilts her into going. Kim soon realizes what…

21 Apr 16

Kim Just Wants to Have Fun

After getting a babysitter, Greg, Kim, Jimmy and Christine go out to a bar, The Frolic Room, for some free time. Greg tries to get Kim to go out with them again, but Kim thinks…

22 Apr 30

No Room to Spare

While eating out, Jimmy and Greg run into Billy, who’s been sacked from The District and dumped by his girlfriend, and now works at a restaurant as a birthday-wishing pir…

23 May 07

Worst in Show

Jimmy’s mother moves out of her house and into an apartment, and calls to say she can no longer keep his childhood dog, Happy. Jimmy wants to take the dog, but can’…

24 May 14

Jimmy and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Boat

Greg and Kim buy a new minivan, and plan to trade in their old car. Jimmy tells Greg trade-ins are a rip-off, and he could just as easily fix it up and sell it himself. Greg ag…

About Yes, Dear

Yes, Dear is a comedy about two young couples and their outrageously contrasting views on parenting. First-time parents, Greg and Kim Warner struggle on a daily basis to become perfect at the job. Kim (Jean Louisa Kelly) is a neurotic, stay-at-home mother, and although her husband, Greg (Anthony Clark), is a success in his career, his more difficult job is keeping his wife calm as they raise their year-old son, Sam. While Kim is determined to be the perfect mother and perfect wife and to raise the perfect son, her sister, Christine Hughes (Liza Snyder), a very down-to-earth mother of two [Dominic and Logan], continually reminds her that life will never be perfect. Christine’s husband, Jimmy (Mike O’Malley), is unemployed and unconcerned and feels compelled to share with his brother-in-law his philosophy about being a husband and a parent while still remaining a man.