Glory Days

Welcome to Glory, the Island of Happiness. Well, that’s what the billboard says anyway. The seemingly idyllic small island town in the Pacific Northwest is a breeding ground for eerie events, bizarre happenings and peculiar inhabitants where truth is often stranger than fiction, and sometimes even deadly. Eddie Cahill plays Mike Dolan, a one-hit-wonder novelist who returns to his Pacific Northwest home town to do some sleuthing into the community’s strange goings-on. The latest effort by “Scream” scribe and Dawson’s Creek creator Kevin Williamson infuses the tried-and-true mystery-thriller formula with some of the elements that made his horror film a blockbuster—-slick visuals, an attractive cast and a self-aware sense of humor.


Wednesday 9:00 PM The WB
First Aired On:
Amy Stewart, Ben Crowley, Eddie Cahill, Emily VanCamp, Frances Fisher, Jay R. Ferguson, Poppy Montgomery, Theresa Russell



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