Mister Ed

One of the most successful of the numerous 1960’s nonsensical sitcoms was this one about a talking horse. Ed belonged to Wilbur Post, a young architect who had decided to move out of the city to get a little closer to nature. The rambling country home he and his wife decided upon came complete with a barn that doubled as Wilbur’s office and a very talkative palomino named Ed. Problem was Ed didn’t care to talk to just anyone, in fact he would only talk to Wilbur (the first human he’d ever met worth talking to). The confusion caused by having a talking horse, and the situations Ed got Wilbur into, and occasionlly out of, formed the stories.


First Aired On:
Alan Young, Allan Rocky Lane, Bamboo Harvester, Connie Hines, Edna Skinner, Florence MacMichael, Karen Jensen, Larry Keating, Leon Ames


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