Out of Practice

The half-hour sitcom Out of Practice will air on CBS at 9:30 PM on Mondays, beginning September 2005. The show is about a family of physicians who share the same profession but have little else in common. Ben Barnes (Christopher Gorham (Medical Investigation, Jake 2.0) is an earnest young couples’ counselor whose family doesn’t consider him to be a “real” doctor because he doesn’t have “M.D.” after his name. But despite their lofty credentials, Ben might be the best prescription for the future of this family. Stockard Channing (The West Wing), Henry Winkler (Happy Days), Ty Burrell (In Good Company) and Paula Marshall (Spin City) also star. Ben’s just a psychologist, but older brother Oliver (Ty Burrell) is a successful plastic surgeon, sister Regina (Paula Marshall) is an ER-action junkie, Mom (Stockard Channing) is a prominent surgeon whose career eclipsed Dad’s long before their divorce, and Dad (Henry Winkler) is dating his receptionist. But all the real docs look as though t


Monday 9:30 PM CBS
First Aired On:
Henry Winkler, Paula Marshall, Stockard Channing, Ty Burrell



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