The Mind of the Married Man

The Mind of the Married Man is an occasion for celebration. By tossing in a healthy helping of libido, it makes a traditional genre, the family sitcom, more realistic and, therefore, less predictable…love it or hate it, they have changed the rules. The Mind of the Married Man takes a funny, insightful look at the challenges of modern-day marriage from a decidedly male perspective. Back for a second season, the HBO comedy series follows three friends and co-workers who are bonded together in the institution of long-term marriage, but have very different opinions on how to make their marriages work. Can married men survive in modern times? Go inside and find out.


First Aired On:
Doug Williams, Ivana Milicevic, Jake Weber, M. Emmet Walsh, Mike Binder, Sonya Walger, Steve Brand, Taylor Nichols



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