The New Leave It to Beaver

The New Leave It to Beaver was a sequel to the 1950s sitcom, Leave it to Beaver. The premise had Wally Cleaver and younger brother, Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver all grown up, with families of their own. Theodore is divorced, but his sons, Kip and Oliver live with him and they all live with his widow mom, June Cleaver in the suburbs. Wally lives next door with his wife and daughter Kelly and, later, son Kevin joins the brood. Eddie Haskell is still around, and he has a family as well, but Eddie will always be Eddie, and his two sons are no different. The New Leave It To Beaver began with the 1983 CBS film Still The Beaver, and was picked up in 1985 as a Disney Channel series with the same name. But it only lasted one season and was then picked up by TBS in 1986 and renamed The New Leave It To Beaver. The series lasted until 1989 and 103-108 episodes were made. Broadcast History
1983——CBS——TV movie
1985——Disney Channel——Series


First Aired On:
Barbara Billingsley, Christian Osmond, Ellen Maxted, Eric Osmond, Frank Bank, Giovanni Ribisi, Janice Kent, Jerry Mathers, John Snee, Kaleena Kiff, Ken Osmond, Kipp Marcus, Tony Dow, Troy Davidson, Twink Caplan


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